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Bapcor has two businesses in the Resources Services sector, providing highly specialised and technical industrial services including catalyst handling, mechanical services and specialised cleaning for major oil, gas, petrochemical and heavy industrial customers in four key regions around the world.



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Resource Services


Our Resource Service Businesses

Contract Services

Contract Resources is a specialist international technical services group that operates in a number of countries for clients that own and operate large and complex processing facilities in the oil, gas, petrochemical, mineral, power generation and pulp & paper sectors.

The business model and activity is specialised and the services offered are comprehensive and technical to both new and long term blue chip international and domestic clients.

Some of these specialist services include catalyst extraction and recharging of petrochemical plants and refineries, specialised mechanical services, industrial cleaning and hazardous waste handling, pipeline and tank farm maintenance, and other specialist technical services.

TBS Group

TBS is a specialist industrial asset maintenance provider, with a 45-year history of providing key maintenance services to a wide range of New Zealand clients in the oil and gas, agricultural, construction and power generator markets.

TBS offers its clients a proven track record of delivering challenging projects, skilled people, leading technologies, industry knowledge and relationships and significant intellectual property in its chosen specialties.

TBS’ core service offering includes; industrial coatings, transmission tower maintenance, industrial water blasting, wind farm maintenance, commercial building services, asbestos removal, building and structure remediation, refractory installation and maintenance and scaffolding, rigging and access.

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