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Bapcor. The unseen parts of every Australian journey.

You’ve probably never noticed us before, but, we’re inside cars, we're all over four wheel drives, fitted and fixed to trucks - big and small, and we help out trades all over the country.  Look around and you’ll see accessories that are sold, parts that are fitted onto vehicles that are serviced, by one of Australia’s great auto companies.

Bapcor Limited is Asia Pacific's leading provider of vehicle parts, accessories, equipment, service and solutions.

Bapcor's core business is the automotive aftermarket. Our businesses span the end-to-end aftermarket supply chain covering Trade, Commercial Vehicles, Specialist Wholesale & Retail. Our Trade businesses include Burson Auto Parts, Precision Automotive Equipment and BNT (NZ), and house amongst the widest range of car parts in the world for thousands of vehicle makes and models.

The Specialist Wholesale segment supplies the automotive aftermarket with an extensive range of products through businesses which are industry leaders in their product categories. Bapcor’s Specialist Wholesale businesses include AAD, Bearing Wholesalers, Baxters, MTQ, Roadsafe, JAS Oceania, HCB, Diesel Distributors, Federal Batteries, Premier Auto Trade, AADi and many more. The Commercial Truck Parts Group comprises Truckline (heavy commercial vehicles) and WANO (light commercial vehicles).

The Retail business includes Autobarn, Australia’s premium retail offering, Autopro and Service businesses Midas, ABS, Shock Shop and Battery Town.

Bapcor takes pride in developing our specialist and knowledgeable team, culture and capability, coupled with an unrelenting focus on excellence in customer service. Bapcor employs 5,000 team members in more than 1,000 locations across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Recently Bapcor has also added to its Asian portfolio through an investment in Tye Soon, the most prominent independent auto parts distributor in Southeast and Northeast Asia with 60 locations across Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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Bapcor Limited
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T +61 3 8470 7300

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P.O. Box 398
VIC 3043

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T 1300 850 505 (toll free within Australia)
T +61 3 9415 4000 (outside Australia)

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